Welcome ASTD-TCC Members

YesSmall can be better and less can be more.  At TimeScape, we know how to be creative on a tight budget and can give you more value for your dollar because we are a small company. One phone call or one meeting is usually all it takes to get what you want. But most important, our productions get results!

Our founder, Michael McIntee has run national TV news channels, created programming for VH-1, MTV, USA and many other cable networks and founded the nation’s premier citizen journalism video and social media organization. But what Michael likes most is making clients happy.

We have many happy clients and we want you to be one of them, too.

Beyond just doing production we also come up with unique marketing ideas such as a reality TV series we created for job and interviewing expert and author Sue Morem.

Not only is Sue now a high in-demand guest on network news shows, but the reality series is now being distributed as an education tool for college students.

Taking advantage of the campaign season, we created a news feature segment called “Political Appearance” where Sue gives political candidates tips on how to improve their presentations.

American Private Investigator LogoWhat do private investigators do during stakeouts? They listen to TimeScape’s American Private Investigator podcast. Launched just a year ago, it is the most listened-to podcast in the industry and has helped vault host Paul Jaeb to the forefront in his field.

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