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Video-Podcasting Profit and Promotion Session at MMPA

Friday, June 8th, 2007

I had the pleasure of presenting at the Midwest Magazine Summit & Expo this week. My first presentation on Podcasting for Profit and Promotion is posted here as a video podcast (naturally) and there’s also an audio podcast. I cover the differences between audio on the web, podcasts, video on the web, video podcasts and user generated video. We then look at a sample of the videos TimeScape did for Ehlert publishing’s powersports magazines. We debuted the videos last June. One of the goals for doing videos was to make money. So did it work?Ehlert Publishing Web Revenute21K before, 83K after. That’s nearly a 300 % increase in revenue
So there’s money to be made here. A lot of people have figured that out.

More text about this podcast here.
Here are the links to powerpoint files for Podcast1- Promotion Tool And Revenue Source and Podcast2-How To Podcast.